Hosted Billing

Scale Your Billing and Payment Infrastructure and Grow Your Business

A Cloud-Based Solution That Eliminates Your Billing Frustrations

VI Communication Services hosted billing service (formerly VoIP Innovations), simplifies how you and your customers are billed with tools and customization options to make life easier, so that you can focus on growing your business. Set up fully customizable payment terms, top-ups, spending limits, and more for each customer’s account.

End-User Portal Integration

Allow your customers to manage their phone numbers and services, download statements, make payments and more.

Save your business months of research and development work.

The end-user portal is completely brandable, allowing you to customize the look and feel to your business brand and professionalism.

Simple Taxes

The integrated tax module takes care of tax calculations for you, saving you a ton of time.

Compatible with Your Providers

Configure call detail records (CDR) from virtually any VoIP provider to import.

No Maintenance Required

Our billing platform is completely hosted, which means we take care of the maintenance, system security and pre-configuration for you.

The Tools You Need

Our Hosted Billing makes it extremely easy for you to do billing reconciliation. Using our extensive online portal, view your charges and your customers charges so that you easily make quick changes to adjust your profits.

Simplified Pricing Setup

Simple and easy rate deck markup lets you enter in your percentage markup and you’re done.

General Ledger Accounts

Assign GL accounts to your services and generate reports so that you can see exactly where your revenue is originating from.

Flat-Rate Support

If you want to charge your customers a simple flat rate for domestic and international calls, we have the tool for that.

Sales Agent Support

Assign Sales Agents to customers and run reports to track both commissionable and non-commissionable revenue.

Professional Invoicing

Use our wizard to customize your invoices with logos, color scheme and more.

Fully Customizable Payment Terms

Our system gives you the ability to easily set individual net payment terms for each of your customers.

Hosted Billing for Everyone

Sangoma’s hosted billing service is designed for use beyond our VoIP services. Its flexibility lets you use it for ANY of your metered or recurring billing VoIP offerings. So if you’re an internet provider, or an MSP needing a billing solution for service contracts and calls, our hosted billing is right for you.