Telecom Fraud Mitigation Services

The security blanket your business has been looking for.

It’s time to fight back

For far too long, bad actors have been taking advantage of VoIP providers and left them to foot the bill. VoIP Innovations is here to change that.

How do we do it?

We're always on the lookout

Our innovative Fraud Protection system analyzes your traffic and identifies abnormalities as soon as they start happening.

We get the right people involved

Fully customizable SMS and email alerts ensure that your best people are notified as soon as trouble starts happening.

International fraud? Not on our watch

We stop fraudulent international traffic in its tracks by setting daily spend limits for each of your trunks. We'll shut things down as soon as you hit the configured limit.

Did something get by us? We'll foot the bill

We don't mess around when it comes to combatting international fraud. If your traffic goes over the limit you configured, we'll take care of the bill, no questions asked.