Toll-Free Services

Reliable Toll-Free Services with 6 x Carrier Redundancy at the Best Rates

Toll-Free Services Your Way

Partner with a carrier who can deliver toll-free services with the coverage you want, the reliability your business demands, and a large inventory of numbers to choose from.

Expansive Coverage

With global coverage, choose toll-free numbers from the US and Canada, with international options too!

99.999% Reliable 6X Carrier Redundancy

Keep your customer connected with redundancy across 6 major toll-free carriers.

24x7 Customer Support

Our NOC (Network Operations Center), TAC (Technical Assistance Center) and Customer Success Team are here to help you around the clock.

Large Number Inventory

Choose from an inventory of thousands of available Toll-Free numbers, including original '800' numbers. Don't like what you see? You can place vanity requests for phone numbers and if it's available, we'll grab it for you

Provisioning Made Easy

Instantly provisioning numbers using our extensive BackOffice portal and APIs.

CPaaS API Ready

Leverage our communication APIs to develop a customized solution that’s right for your business.

Need Toll-Free SMS on your existing numbers?

Check out our SMS API

Communication APIs on desktop and mobile phone

Let Us Be Your RespOrg

Sangoma Wholesale Carrier Services is a RespOrg (Responsible Organization), which means we have full control over the toll-free numbers that we own, assign numbers, and maintain records on the status of toll-free numbers. So, we have much more control over your toll-free numbers than other toll-free providers, with the ability to acquire, manage, and route toll-free calls for you.

Get More Reach Out of Your Toll-Free Numbers

If you already have your own toll-free numbers with another provider, but want more out of your service, Sangoma Wholesale Carrier Services offers Off-network Toll-Free Services.

Our extensive portal lets you bring your existing phone numbers with you and route them through our network. Simply choose which carriers you want to build numbers on and we handle the rest and route to those carriers.

Why Choose us for Toll-Free service?

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