Enterprise Telephony

Rich Cloud-Based VoIP Features Your Way

Flexible VoIP Services and The Control You Need

Sangoma Wholesale Carrier Services allows you to pick and choose the specific VoIP features your business needs, pay only for what you use, and package them together to deliver a unified solution across your locations.

Our features are delivered to you a la carte. We handle all the contracts and procedures required to perform moves, adds and changes with individual localized providers.

  • Get access to local and long distance phone numbers previously unavailable to you in your region, or add SMS or E911 capabilities to your phone numbers and more.
  • Even if you buy your services through another provider, Sangoma Wholesale Carrier Services offers a la carte services that can be used in conjunction with and to augment your existing service.

Phone Number Management Made Easy

You need to partner with a carrier that empowers you with easy number porting, line changes, orders and instant provisioning. You need a self-serve portal that puts you in control of what you want, right away, instead of submitting tickets and waiting on someone else.

Our intuitive BackOffice portal puts you in full control. Real-time number porting, updating 911 addresses and management of all your voice service from one easy place.

Your Success is Our Success

Our dedicated sales and support staff are here to help you around the clock. We also provide a customer success team to help you with:

  • Full walkthroughs, tutorials, or answers for general questions for any of our products & services
  • Technical Interops
  • Hosted Billing consultations
  • General Technical and Provisioning support for new customers
  • Questions regarding pricing
  • Much, much more

Integrate with Us

As a company with strong roots in CPaaS, Sangoma delivers powerful APIs to help you integrate features and services eliminating the need to waste your developers’ time creating them yourself. Whether you are looking to expand your footprint or automate processes with APIs, our inbound voice services are ready to suit your needs.