Communicate Better with Your Customers Using Text (SMS) Messaging and Multimedia (MMS) Services

Text messaging has become the fastest growing communication channel, significantly increasing the engagement between businesses and their customers.

With Sangoma Wholesale Carrier Services (formerly VI Communication Services) messaging capabilities (formerly VoIP Innovations), add SMS and MMS to any of your domestic and toll-free numbers.   Scale better with our SMS API with the cost savings and functionality you need.

Want to add SMS to your existing numbers not on Sangoma’s Network?

Sangoma Wholesale Carrier Services delivers off-network SMS services that can be used in conjunction with numbers you get through other providers.  Use our SMS without leaving your current carrier. 

Available at no extra cost, take advantage of services like:
SMS Forwarding

Get Better Engagement with Our Messaging API


Integrate SMS and MMS messaging into your applications and provide a better communication experience for your end users. Send images, videos, audio, emojis, and GIFS for the best engagement.

Delivery Options

Get access to powerful SMS delivering options: to email, API, SIP, or even forwarding to another number.

High Volume SMS

Our messaging APIs are built to scale, enabling you to send as many messages as your business demands. Our platform supports SMS and MMS on almost any phone number, domestic, international and toll-free, whether on our network or on another provider’s.

Toll-Free SMS

Add SMS to your existing Toll-Free numbers and create an omni-channel communication experience between your staff and customers.

Local SMS

Take advantage of free inbound local SMS on phone numbers registered on our network.

Our Customers

Need Full Control of Your SMS with Programmable Telco?

Our CPaaS platform, called Sangoma Wholesale Carrier Services APIdaze CPaaS is the perfect choice for you to program phone numbers to scripts, enabling messaging to your existing global business communications stack.

From order confirmations to delivery notifications to appointment reminders, Sangoma Wholesale Carrier Services APIdaze CPaaS enables two-way conversational messaging.

Why Choose Us For Your Messaging

As a network operator and the owner of our own APIs, We have the expertise in messaging and the ability to provide you with extensive information on message delivery. As a wholesale provider, we have the relationships with carriers and work with them to ensure you the best service at all times. Ready to start messaging?