Wholesale Origination Services

A dozen Tier 1 origination providers. One simple, easy to use portal.

Choice, automation, and control of your origination providers

These features are essential to success in today’s telecom industry. VoIP Innovations removes the complexity of managing multiple providers while retaining all the perks.


Stop juggling multiple commitments.

Fully transparent BackOffice allows you to purchase DIDs from the Tier I carriers you want without having to worry about balancing your minimums.

The extensive coverage you need.

Our extensive local coverage map covers the US48, Canada, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Looking for more control?

We operate as a CLEC to provide you with up to the minute port-out notifications and manual port activations for your numbers.

Which carriers are the best?

Our crowd-sourced vendor performance rankings cut out the noise and help you choose the networks that work best for your needs.


You want Toll-Free coverage? We got it.

We provide Toll-Free DIDs in the US, Canada, and we even have international options available.

The redundancy your business demands.

We offer Toll-Free redundancy with multiple Tier 1 underlying carriers to ensure your numbers are working regardless of the situation.

Endless Stock. Endless Options.

As a Toll-Free RespOrg (Responsible Organization), we provide you with direct access to SOMOS and their available Toll-Free number inventory.


Become a worldwide provider.

We provide you with access to DIDs in more than 60 countries.

Compliance made easy.

Our intuitive DID Wizard helps you to stay compliant and keeps you up to date with ever-changing regulations for every country.

Additional Features

Robust and easy to use APIs.

These APIs allow you to bring your favorite aspects of the VoIP Innovations BackOffice directly to your customers.

Extensive search tools.

Our search tools help you discover the DIDs you’re looking for. Prioritize your search based on the carrier, pricing tier, or area that you’re looking for while taking advantage of auto fulfillment settings so that your high-demand areas always stay in stock.

The add-ons your customers demand.

Caller ID, E911, Email to Fax, and much, much more.

Customizable dashboards and reporting.

These tools allow you to prioritize the information that you deem essential to your business.