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Wholesale Termination Services

High completion rates. Outstanding quality. Competitive low prices.

Raise your standards and lower your costs. It’s time to partner with a termination provider that can deliver both quality voice and rates.


  • Access to multiple Tier I carriers in one place. Stop worrying about spreading your traffic out to hit your monthly minimums. VoIP Innovations gives you access to the carriers you’re looking for under one roof.

  • The aggressive rates you need to win business. Our competitive, wholesale pricing ensures that your business can resell our termination services with comfortable profit margins.

  • Take control of your outbound traffic. VoIP Innovations offers a wide selection of outbound rate decks, tailored for your needs.

  • Unique traffic requires unique solutions. VoIP Innovations provides call center and faxing/T38 focused solutions that routes calls to vendors that are equipped to reliably complete specialized traffic. Ask us about our T.38 rate deck that has a 99.9% completion rate!


  • The international coverage your customers are looking for. VoIP Innovations provides A-Z international termination to both fixed and mobile destinations in more than 200 countries and territories.

  • Personalize your offering while protecting your network. Customizable spend limits and the ability to activate/deactivate international termination on a per-trunk basis ensure that you are limiting your liability and keeping your network safe.