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E911 Dynamic Location Routing

Keep your users safe by letting first responders know exactly where they are when they call 911

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Keep your hybrid and remote workers safe, wherever they are

As more employees are working from home or have become mobile, it’s become a challenge for emergency responders to know exactly where that person is when they call 911. Collaboration and softphone tools enable users to move around from their home base, where they had a once-upon-a-time fixed 911 registration.

Imagine someone calling 911 using their softphone, and emergency services show up at the office, where they are not! Or if they call from a large complex and emergency services only knows the street address. Every second counts in an emergency situation and knowing exactly where 911 was called from is vital.

Emergency Services out of network

Sangoma Wholesale Carrier Services Is Here To Help

Our E911 dynamic location routing services allow for the address of the caller to be sent at the time the call is placed, rather than requiring it to be registered beforehand. This helps with providing specific location details (e.g. Room #, Floor, Suite, etc) as well as allowing calls from nomadic users that find themselves in multiple locations.

On or Off Network, It’s Your Choice

Don’t have your DID with us, no problem! Our 911 dynamic location routing services are still available to you and included with our off-network 911 services. Butt, why not join our network for the best service!

RAY BAUM’s Act and 911 regulations

Ray Baum’s Act requires that emergency 911 calls from multi-line telephone systems include a “dispatchable location” such as “the street address of the calling party, and additional information such as room number, floor number, or other similar information necessary to adequately identify the location of the calling party.” This is because identifying the exact location of the emergency for first responders is critical when dialling 911.

Illustration showing a user calling 911 on a mobile phone with an ambulance and location on a map showing accurate location

Why Choose Us for E911

Simple location management​

Our extensive BackOffice portal and APIs enable you to easily manage adds, registrations, bulk changes, provisioning and address validation.

Compatible with any number, regardless of the network

Choose to keep your numbers with your current provider while using us for your E911 services.

Customizable alerts for you and your customers

Our SMS and email alerts notify designated recipients any time 911 is dialed; an essential offering for residential and business customers alike.

Regulator compliant

Sangoma’s wholesale sip trunking services complies with Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act making sure that persons in distress can reach a PSAP by dialing 911 and support dispatch-able location.

Safe Testing

Dial “933” to safely test your 911 calls, reducing the load on emergency services of live test calls.


Our E911 services are deployed in a highly redundant and resilient configuration to ensure a high level of availability.