Reliable Caller ID Name Services

Delivering trusted caller intelligence to Your Subscribers

Easy and Simple Integration

Our CNAM service, including robocall mitigation, is available as an API, making it easy for service providers to integrate within their VoIP without requiring to switch VoIP providers.
VoIP Innovations’ next generation Caller ID Name (CNAM) service delivers the best value to your subscribers giving them the confidence in answering their phone calls, without suspicion of fraud or spam.
Our CNAM service includes robocall mitigation, which has been mandated by the FCC, to be implemented within all service providers’ VoIP Networks. By leveraging behavioral analytics, caller authentication and verification, our service detects if an inbound call to you, the service provider, is fraudulent and allows you to protect your subscribers.
For every inbound call, our service sends you a fraud score from 0 to 100 for suspicion of fraud, along with a pre-pended caller ID name to let you know when the call is spam. You can also choose to keep the original caller ID if you want too! With this information, you can protect your subscribers by notifying them of suspicious calls and also block those calls.

CNAM Service Feature Highlights

Extensive Data Sources

100’s of millions of name and number combinations from the top 800 carriers in the USA combined with leading identity protection.

Scale and Reliability

Process over 10 billion queries each month of real-time data with >99.999% uptime.

Unparalleled Coverage

The most extensive reach to consistently display calling name data to thousands of carriers and mobile app providers nationwide.

Robocall Mitigation

Leverages behavioral analytics, caller authentication and verification to send you info and CNAM override to identify fraudulent calls to protect your subscribers.

Increase Subscriber Engagement

Deliver accurate caller name and number to your subscribers and regain their confidence in answering phone calls, knowing exactly who is calling them.

Easy Integration

API integration makes it simple and easy to integrate within your VoIP network, without requiring to change providers for CNAM services. Just use us!
Stop Call Spammers, Caller ID Spoofers and fraudulent Robocalls

Key Features

VoIP Innovations delivers a simple to integrate robocall mitigation solution, which combines behavioral analytics, caller authentication and verification.
VoIP Innovations’ CNAM service with robocall mitigation is the perfect choice for service providers, allowing them to easily integrate into their VoIP network to deliver accurate caller ID name and number for their subscribers’ inbound calls.  Choose our CNAM API if you wish to stay with your current provider or switch and join VoIP Innovations and get access to all our VoIP features.