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Service Providers

Expand Your Footprint and Deliver VoIP Services with Ease

Deliver New Services & Revenue Streams

Support your existing customers with affordable phone numbers and other VoIP services not typically available within your network reach.

Expand your footprint with voice, messaging, caller ID name and robocall mitigation services and leverage our CPaaS communication APIs to integrate VoIP features within your network. Make it a turnkey solution with our hosted billing platform to take care of everything for you.

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Pick and Choose Features

Choose the features you want to bundle and deliver to your customers. Easily add SMS or E911 emergency services to your customer’s main lines. 

Single Point of Contact

VI Communication Service takes care of the diverse set of services across regions, eliminating the labyrinth of contracts and procedures required to perform system changes with individual localized providers.

Cloud-Based Management Portal

Place phone number orders and manage services, including system changes like phone number provisioning. No need to contact the provider’s technical support staff for changes!

Simple Billing

Receive a single invoice for the diverse set of services being delivered from across regions, making it easy to accurately bill your customers. Also, leverage our provisioning and billing platforms to handle number porting, billing, tax calculations, reporting and compliance. This allows you to focus more time on growing your business.

Number Porting Made Easy

We remove the frustrations of managing your numbers such as dealing with differing carrier requirements, waiting on them for every change you need to make and difficulties with lack of support.

Our Online Local Number Porting process offers a seamless porting experience and provides you with up to the minute port-out notifications and manual port activations for your numbers. Our highly trained porting specialists back you every step of the way.

A Provider You Can Trust