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Hosted Billing Services

The most powerful solution at the most affordable price.

A billing system built for VoIP providers, by VoIP providers.
We understand your billing needs because we do the same thing. Leave the makeshift solutions behind and take advantage of a system that’s suited for you.

Hosted Billing Advantages

  • Get paid your way. Set up fully customizable payment terms, top-ups, spending limits, and more for each client’s account.

  • Bill any service you want. Sure, our billing system is designed for VoIP, but why stop there? Bill your customers for any monthly service, one-time charge, or utility usage that you want, whether it’s related to telecom or not.

  • Create professional, concise invoices. Few things are as oddly satisfying as a professional looking invoice. VoIP Innovations’ intuitive wizard will get you up and running with your desired logo, color scheme, and feel within minutes.

  • Taxes made easy. Take advantage of the built-in tax module and automate your tax worries away.

  • Fully compatible with every provider. We support call record imports from any and all VoIP providers.

  • Get the head start you’re looking for. Fast-track your startup by taking advantage of our Billing system’s full integration with the End User Portal and save your business months of research and development time.

  • Take advantage of a 2-month free trial. We understand what kind of a commitment a new billing system is. Don’t like what you’re seeing from us? Cancel before the trial ends with zero penalties.