Fraud Mitigation

The Security Services You Need to Combat Fraud

Don’t Let Telecom Fraud Be Another Thing to Worry About

VI Communication Services built-in security ensures you peace of mind.

The VoIP industry is rife with fraud and there are frequent stories of a PBX getting hacked and thus costing the business owner hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Our Fraud Detection Service

Our system analyzes your traffic patterns 24/7 and identifies any abnormalities as soon as they start happening.

SMS and Email notifications will alert the right people with information they need to be equipped to make the necessary adjustments on your network to mitigate the negative consequences of a breach


Customizable widgets within the system dashboard enable you with a quick glance of usage by country, endpoint, source IP, region, customer and more!


Configure three levels of alerts: Notify, Warning and Urgent, as either SMS, email or both. Alerts contain quick links to specific graphs for each alert to investigate.

International Protection

As anyone who has dealt with international calling fraud will tell you, discovering the matter after the fact can be very painful (and costly). Our fraud detection system not only tracks international calling patterns for completed calls but also looks for failed international attempts.

Enabling the International Failed Attempts to feature within our Fraud Detection System gives you one more way to combat fraudulent activity from negatively impacting your business.

Customizable spend limits and the ability to activate/deactivate international termination on a per-trunk basis ensure that you are limiting your liability and keeping your network safe.

Caller ID Name (CNAM) Protection

To mitigate the profound problem of fraudulent robocalls to subscribers, our CNAM API, or robocall mitigation services, analyses each inbound call to you and notifies you with a fraud score to help protect your customers.

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