Brandable End User Portal

Saving you time and resources by empowering your customers.

Put your business on fast forward.

Designing a website for your end users takes precious time and money away from your company. Our intuitive End User Portal empowers your customers while giving you the edge you need to profit right away.

End User Portal Advantages

Like the award-winning BackOffice? We think your users will too

The Brandable End User Portal has most of the functionality that the BackOffice has, presented in a streamlined and efficient experience for your customers.

They’ll never know it’s us

VoIP Innovations who? A generic link and the ability to customize the portal with your logo and color scheme ensures that your users will be none the wiser.

Get as granular as you want

Only want your customers to set Caller ID? Don’t want them to see DIDs in a particular rate center? Our intuitive management tools allow you to customize the experience on a per-customer and per-login basis.

Your users can get started in minutes

Set the email, set the permissions, and you’re done. They’ll be up and running in no time.

Full integration with VoIP Innovations' Hosted Billing solution

Your customers will be able to log in, view their usage, and even pay off their balances, which go directly to your bank account without any additional fees.