Illustration showing a user calling 911 on a mobile phone with an ambulance and location on a map showing accurate location

Wholesale E911 Services

Add Fast, Reliable, and Easy-to-Manage E911 Location Information to Your Phone Numbers

Protect Your Customers and Enterprise with Accurate 911

VI Communication Services E911 (formerly VoIP Innovations) enables service providers and enterprises to add E911 services to business and residential phone numbers, helping meet regulatory requirements and to protect users.

As businesses move their communications to the cloud, 911 location services have become complicated as VoIP (Voice over IP) has changed the way phone calls are routed and how locations are defined, when compared against the landline anchored telephones of traditional telcos. VI Communication Services E911 removes the complications of call routing and location management so that in the event of a 911 call, the precise location is accurately passed over by the VoIP service provider to emergency service personnel.

Off-Network 911 Services

Sangoma VI Communication Services provide an innovative solution for VoIP providers and enterprises to enable 911 services on virtually any US/Canada phone number, whether they are on our network or another provider, assuring users to be easily located when they call emergency services.

Emergency Services out of network
We provide simple address provisioning and reliable emergency call routing to voip service providers and enterprises in the USA and Canada.

As A Service Provider

VI Communication Services makes it easy for you to add E911 callback and location information to any phone number, enabling your customers to use VoIP telephony services while feeling assured that in the event of an emergency 911 call, emergency responders will be able to reach them with accurate location information.

Our E911 services enable providers to focus on building their business while obeying the law and keeping their customers safe.

As An Enterprise Business

Add E911 enabled numbers for your internal and external clients and protect them with tools you need to become compliant with Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’s Act. Spend less time managing 911, less time wondering if your users are protected, and more time focused on your day job.

Why Choose Us for E911

Simple location management​

Our extensive BackOffice portal and APIs enable you to easily manage adds, registrations, bulk changes, provisioning and address validation.

Safe testing

Dial “933” to safely test your 911 calls, reducing the load on emergency services of live test calls.

Customizable alerts for you and your customers

Our SMS and email alerts notify designated recipients any time 911 is dialed; an essential offering for residential and business customers alike.

Regulator compliant

Sangoma’s wholesale sip trunking services complies with Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act making sure that persons in distress can reach a PSAP by dialing 911 and support dispatch-able location.

Compatible with any number, regardless of the network

Choose to keep your numbers with your current provider while using us for your E911 services.


Our E911 services are deployed in a highly redundant and resilient configuration to ensure a high level of availability.

Simple and Cost effective 911

Our E911 call routing delivers service providers transport and delivery of 911 calls to PSAPs nationwide. Our scale and expertise simplifies the transition from legacy to modern networks and helps remove the expensive selective router connectivity expenses.