Voice API

When Standard Solutions Don’t Quite Cut It, Our Voice API is Here to Help You Create the Custom Solution Your Business Needs

Programmable Voice Without The Hassle

Add real-time voice into your VoIP, web, and mobile services. No CapEx. No contracts. Pay as you grow. 100% freedom to build what you want.

Create or add to your existing applications’ voice features, using Sangoma’s CPaaS APIdaze creation tools.

  • No knowledge of complex telephone systems required
  • No carrier engagement
  • No hidden costs

Operate the service with local numbers available for more than 80 countries.

Let Us Do The Work For You

Our global CPaaS network enables you to embed programmable voice directly into your applications, eliminating the need to waste your in-house developers’ time on building a solution yourself.

Our Voice API gives you the power and flexibility to fully customize your solution, and backed by our 24/7 support team you get quality, reliable voice calling that you deserve.

What Can You Do With our CPaaS Voice API


Create an interactive voice response system according to your needs.

Voice Recording

Record your calls.

Automate Outbound calls

Use our communication APIs to automate calls for appointment reminders, school closing, event updates, and more.

Play Media

Your audio files will be played in real time.

Call Tracking

Unique phone numbers allow you to track campaign responses, measure performance and calculate which channels drive revenue.

Text to Speech

Write text and convert it into speech.

Why Choose VI Communication Services For Voice Applications

As a network operator and the owner of our own APIs, we have the expertise in voice and as a wholesale provider, we have the relationships with carriers and work with them to ensure you the best service at all times. Ready to start using our Voice API?