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Enrich Your Business Applications with Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS)

Accessing powerful communication features has been made very easy with CPaaS (communications platform as a service) technologies. It enables businesses to integrate voice and messaging features directly within their applications and software, saving them time from developing themselves and purchasing costly solutions.

The VI Communication Services CPaaS APIdaze platform offers businesses the easiest and most flexible way to add voice, messaging and webRTC communication functionality directly into their products, services or processes.

With our CPaaS platform businesses can extend customer engagement and marketing across different communication channels and the best part is that we’ve made it so simple that anyone can do it.

What Can You Integrate With CPaaS APIDaze?

AI Bot Responder

Handle an overload of inbound calls to your business with automated responses.

Call Center

Create your own cloud call center and forget about slow, expensive upgrades and maintenance.


Create an interactive voice response system according to your needs. 

Enterprise Unified Communications

Create SIP accounts and build your own UC system.


Automate the ordering and configuration of phone numbers.

Call Tracking

Unique phone numbers allow you to track campaign responses, measure performance and calculate which channels drive revenue.

Text To Speech

Write text and convert it into speech.

Global Reach

Send SMS to numbers in almost 200 countries and territories. Receive SMS on numbers in 19 countries.


And even better, because VI Communication Services is a wholesale SIP trunking provider, you only pay for what you use.  Simplicity, cost-effectiveness, new omnichannel communications your customers will love.

Audio/Video Conferencing

Create audio and video conferencing services using WebRTC.

WebRTC Enabled Browser Client

Place and receive calls directly in the browser.

Call Center and Support

Create a 100% cloud based call center and use your browser as a terminal. No hardware required.

Click to Call Widgets

Create and customize click to call widgets for your website that send traffic from your web site to your customer service or sales departments.

Connect Your Applications, Service and Business to the Rest of the World

VI Communication Services CPaaS APIdaze is your single point of entry into programmable phone numbers and the communication capabilities you need.

CPaaS APIdaze gives you a simple dashboard to work from, with access to APIs to custom integrate communications. Activate global DIDs for voice and messaging to boost your customer engagement and marketing strategies.

Simple and Cost Effective

CPaaS APIdaze is so easy to work with with simple drag and drop programming and also has integration with several other applications you use already, such as CRMs, Social Media, Marketing suites and more. We’ve made it so easy that just about anyone can use CPaaS APIdaze to create their solution!

No Contracts to sign, pay only for what you use, build anything you want and scale.

See what our customers are doing with CPaaS APIdaze

Voiply is a VoIP provider offering feature-rich services to residential and small business customers.

From the beginning, Voiply’s focus has been on offering low-cost services through an integrated checkout portal that enables customers to complete their transactions entirely online.

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